Alezdihar medical partners with some of the best companies in the world. Here is some of the list of our worldwide affiliates;

  • Genlight International Business Company, a Taiwan based company whose expertise were on the manufacturing of the Examination Vinyl Gloves – Lightly Powdered and Powder-Free with its Trade Name Brand, WILSON™.
  • Shanghai Kinmed Group, a Shanghai, China based company with three different sites of factories;
  • Hubei Non-Woven Medical Products Factory

  • Jiangsu Gauze & Cotton Medical Products Factory

  • Jiangsu Medical Tubes & Syringes Factory
  • R.Reinhard Import/Export GbR., a Berlin, Germany based medical supplier company of surgical instruments, minor medical equipments and biomedical spare parts – originated & manufactured in Germany.

  • Medical Connexion Corporation, a US based medical supplier of US origin medical disposables and surgical instruments.

  • Parburch Medical Development Ltd., a UK based company produced and specializes a highest quality of Gynaecology, Proctology, Sigmoidoscopes, Gyni Procedure packs, Disposable Instruments, Procedure packs, Respiratory and other disposable product range.

  • Esteer Pharma, a Germany based manufacturing company of disinfectant solutions, cosmetics and cleaning materials.

  • US Med Supplies LLC, a US based company supplying medical disposables, minor medical equipments, branded & generic pharmaceuticals.